Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny Came!!

The Easter Bunny hopped last night. He really enjoyed the carrots Cullen left for him. We were so excited to see our Easter basket stuffed with new "ball sheets", a doctor's kit (Cullen calls his "Dr. Slusher"), a kite, bubble bath, bubbles, his first pair of safety scissors, and gum. Of course, his favorite item was his Yo Gabba Gabba kite ($1.00) that he broke in the first 30 minutes. He had a good time hunting the eggs, and after we made up the rule the he could open them and eat the jelly beans until he found all of the eggs, it went much faster. I think I'm going to ask the Easter bunny to hide fewer eggs next year. Anna Kate got a toy easter bunny and a Baby Bjorn. (Her new book and Kiddapotamos didn't get here in time. The Easter Bunny was last minute, as usual.) It was fun watching Cullen "get it" this year. By the way, did you know that if they put 25 in their mouth at one time, your child can get a little choked on jelly beans!

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